1st Course 

Xochimilco Salad 

Mix the greens, pour the corn truffle dressing, add the mushrooms, baby corn and cactus, zucchini ribbons on the sides. 

2nd Course 

Street Food (Garnachas)

In a pan with a few drops of oil, reheat the gordita, tlacoyo, and sope, heat them both sides (I like them a little bit crunchy).   You can reheat the potatoes for the sope in the same pan, reheat the refried beans, put a layer of refried beans then potatoes,  pour crema and salsa on top(the one that says for sope).  Put salsa on top of the gordita and tlacoyo, have fun; you can mix up both salsas. 

3rd Course 

Templo Mayor 

If you have green and red pipian, reheat it individually in a small saucepan;


Reheat the celeriac in the oven at 350F for 5 minutes.


For the tortillas, reheat them with a splash of water over a pan. Do not soak them in water. 

Plate the pipian in the center of a circle, add the veggies, the black bean soil and chayote slices, and garnish with the zucchini blossom veil. 


Grab a piece of a warm tortilla, then a part of celeriac and then dip it on the pipian. 


**If you have Mezcal at home, this dish goes well with a shot of good mezcal. 

4th Course 

Gorditas de la Villa (Corn Griddle Cakes)

Eat them as it is. If you are getting full, keep them for breakfast tomorrow :)

This goes fantastic with hot chocolate or coffee. 

5th Course 

Frida's Garden 

Have fun with these, but here's a photo to have an idea. Keep the ice cream in the freezer. The blackberries balance the sweetness of the chocolate.  

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Xochimilco Salad

Street Food 

Templo Mayor 

Gorditas de la Villa

Frida's Garden

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