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Natural Stream


La Bartola is a female-inspired restaurant where we blend the past and present, drawing inspiration from the gastronomic richness of Oaxaca, Mexico City, and other regions of Mexico.

At La Bartola, our commitment to a greener world runs deep. Beyond crafting delectable plant-based dishes, we are sowing the seeds of change in every corner of our kitchen. Our actions to pave the way for a significant tomorrow:


  • Our waste management partner transforms scraps and compost into green energy.

  • Our unwavering dedication to sustainability is evident in our root-to-stalk ingredient usage approach to minimize food waste and eco-focused waste management. For example, all the ingredients we use in our infusions and syrups are dehydrated and made into powder for garnishing in our food and cocktails, infusing sustainability into every sip.

  • Choosing a Greener Path with No Deep Fryers in Sight

  • From Our Kitchen to the Earth, No Harmful Ingredients Allowed

  • Our kitchen prioritizes the use of non-GMO, locally sourced ingredients with the goal of providing a fully vegan menu.

Every bite you take is a vote for sustainability, and together, we are setting the table for a better world. Welcome to a dining experience where ethics and flavours unite.

As a restaurant specializing in plant-based cuisine, we inherently promote sustainability by avoiding the use of animal-based ingredients that harm the environment. However, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond that aspect and permeates every facet of our operations.


We aim to foster open-mindedness and inspire diners to explore the deeper aspects of their food choices, with the hope of contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly planet.

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