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At La Bartola, we inspire a passion for authentic Mexican flavours. We use simple, fresh, and high-quality local & Mexican ingredients to craft delicious and thoughtful food.

Through a multi-sensory experience, we meld together the past and present. Every dish offers a burst of flavour, colour, texture, and aroma –each that will take you to Mexico. Our unique dishes can be paired with our curated list of Mezcal, cocktails, Mexican-style beer, and beer on tap.

With our dishes rooted in authentic Mexican flavours and traditions, we are certain you will leave feeling both satisfied and inspired. 

We were recently awarded by the Michelin Guide with the Bib Gourmand, being the first Canadian fully plant-based restaurant with such a distinction. 

Our History 

Chef Ivan Castro created la Bartola to promote the wonders of Mexican Cuisine from a plant-based perspective.  He found his passion for cooking at an early age in his hometown of Mexico City. There, Ivan was inspired by his mother and grandmother, both whom joyfully shared with him the art of homemade Mexican cooking.


La Bartola pays homage to and is inspired by all the fantastic Mexican women cooks who have and continue to create a revolution in the kitchen. Each dish holds a distinct story and was born from a creative process, influenced by both Oaxaca and Mexico City.

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